Mindful Birth

Hi Guys and Beautiful moms!

I know there are so many moms in my audience and moms to be as well.

Today I would like to talk about them.

I have often wondered how I can help them, maybe about pregnancy, or motherhood, or childhood.

So, when I hear that one of my daughter’s friend mum is a certified Mindful Birth teacher, I felt curious, happy and grateful about this! Social media are helpful in connecting many people and create such a beautiful community and I would like to use it to spread this fantastic information!

I remember when I was pregnant, 7 years ago and I was already here in Australia, I wish I knew where to go to learn Mindful Birth, yoga or meditation.

I think is very important to do it during the pregnancy, I trust in yoga and feeling very well in that lovely, sweet time of a woman life. I trust to connect to our children love, serenity, calm, peace from the first time that they come inside us.

This practices can help mum and children. Samantha, is mum of a 7 years old boy. After an experience of stillbirth at 41 weeks, she started to work with women during the pre and post Natal period. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 11 years and she is registered level 2 yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, qualified to teach vinyasa, pre and post natal yoga, kids and meditation. She is a Mindful Birth facilitator and train yoga teacher around the world in prenatal, postnatal yoga and yoga for birth. She is also currently training to become a doula, wich is someone who assist and provides information to Women and their Partners during pregnancy, birth and Beyond.

Mindful Birth Training programs are research and empower yoga teachers and Health professionals to apply the wisdom of yoga to Women’s unique life rhythms and cycles. For the past decade Mindful Birth yoga trainings, have been delivered throughout Australia, Asia, and now the Middle East. The response has been phenomenal, with communities of Women awakening to their shared sisterhood and encouraging Women to celebrate their unique rhythms in life and honour these rhythms through yoga. The access to evidence based pregnancy, birth and parenting information is empowering and educating Women in the communities where Mindful Birth is delivered. These trainings tap into our wisdom as women, and combine that with research to enable us to thrive and flourish throughout life with the help of yoga and Mindfulness meditation.

Mindful Birth has become a rite of passage for Women worldwide to gain access information about their body, birthing and mothering wich has been lost in our modern, hurried industrialised society.

If you want to connect with Samanta Briatico, you can find her on Instagram like @samantha.briatrico

To support my blog please like, comment and share this post with your friends and moms that can need it. For you it’s a Little thing, but for me is very important having a feedback to my research and time that I love to spend for this job!

Thank you for reading this post!


4 risposte a “Mindful Birth”

  1. Meraviglioso! È sempre importante che le mamme in attesa non si sentano sole, che siano in contatto con i loro bambini in grembo e con il proprio corpo e le proprie emozioni. Anche una volta che i loro bambini saranno nati. È un periodo molto particolare durante il quale il sostegno non deve mancare. ❤

    "Mi piace"

  2. Ciao Ilaria, ti ho ascoltata a radio Deejay.
    Mi chiamo Nadia, sono anch’io una blogger.
    Un abbraccio dall’Italia. 🐾😘

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. Ciao Nadia,
      grazie per avermi scritto! Sono contenta che ti piaccia il mio blog, andrò a vedere anche il tuo.
      Salutami tanto l’Italia ❤️❤️❤️
      A presto!

      Piace a 1 persona

      1. Ciao Ilaria, grazie per l’attenzione! 😀

        "Mi piace"


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